Berlin bars and clubs during COVID-19
They say: "2 G enforced."
We say: it means you will need to show u r vaccinated or have had Covid.
12.4.-18.4.22: Easter in Berlin
They say: "Now in its 49th year"...
We say: Well done BLF! Incredible!
Folsom Europe 2022
They say: "Europes premiere fetish party."
We say: Europes premiere fetish party!!!!
New Action Fetish Bar
They say: "Kleiderordnung!"
We say: A great bar, hot men and helpful staff. Go!
That new Berlin airport...
They say: "Finally open for business."
We say: What a disappointment and Mickey Mouse operation!
They say: "Every last weekend of the month."
We say: Great stuff, lots of fetish guys in town. Go!
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